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    Modular Walk-lns (COLD ROOM)

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    Modular Walk-lns (COLD ROOM)

    Panels are produced according to US standards. Boards are vertically and horizontally stitching, adopting concave-convex structure. It uses embedded metal to lock solid taut. The boards are sealed by ethylene which can prevent leakage and flooding.
    Cold room structure is produced according to NSF standard. Each corner is designed as round-off corner which effectively reduces water accumulation on the floor for easy cleaning. Adhesives used between surface metal sheets and polyurethane foams can make them tightly bonded together and avoid separation from each other. Use US Copeland compressors for the refrigerating system, and US KASON hinges and door closer to ensure product quality.

    National patents

    Modular walk-ins with concave-convex structure

    Plastic flooring pallets , easy to assemble and dismantle.Food boxes can be placed on the plastic pallets to avoid frozen together and keep clean.

    ouch-sensitive buttons, can switch and show Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees, Abnormal temperature alarm function,lights control and alarm function, door overtime opening alarm function.
    Latest technique

    Skid-proof concave-convex floor
    Punching raised regular circles on the floor plate to increase friction, avoid slip falls. And rounded edges and corners are for easy cleaning.
    Custom-built irregularly shaped cold room

    Provides a wide range of styles to choose: stainless steel sheet, color steel sheet, embossed aluminum sheet, galvanized steel sheet. The walk-ins’size can be built according to the customer’s requirement and we can ensure on-time delivery.



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